Electricity Usage Calculator

To find the energy cost of your appliance, select a device from the list below. Power consumption of electrical appliances and devices are calculated based on the units of kWh.

The figures in the below table are approximate. The actual power consumption of your household appliances may vary significantly from the figures in this chart. Before you do a final load or energy calculation for your household, we strongly recommend checking the tags and owners manuals for your appliances to get precise figures.

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Power chart of house hold appliances. View the list of electrical house hold appliances and their electricity usage in units of kWh. It takes just a little energy to save on energy costs. If you pay attention to the little things, the money you save will add up in a big way. The chart below gives you a good idea of energy costs per electrical appliance, kind of like nutrition fact labels on food. See also our Twelve Easy Ways to Save Energy.
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How Much Energy Do My Household Appliances Use?

Below is a list of appliances and their power usage in kWh units.

Device Power Consumption Maximum
Air Conditioner (AC) 1000W 2500W
Air Cooler 190W 350W
Air Fryer 1400W 2300W
Air Purifier 175W 375W
Bread Toaster 1200W 1800W
Car Stereo 12W 40W
Ceiling Fan 75W 122W
Cell Phone Charger 5W 8W
Central Air Conditioner 3500W 8000W
CFL Light Bulb 14W 19W
Clothes Dryer 3000W 4250W
Coffee Maker 800W 1400W
Coffee Roaster 600W 900W
Cooking Stove Top 1500W 3250W
Cordless Phone 2W 7W
Curling Iron 30W 95W
Dehumidifier 280W 630W
Desktop Computer 100W 350W
Digital Door Lock 6W 8W
Disc Sander 1200W 2600W
Dishwasher 1600W 2400W
Domestic Water Pump 220W 750W
Drilling Machine 90W 170W
Electric Barbeque Grill 1560W 3100W
Electric Broom 1200W 1800W
Electric Clock 3W 9W
Electric Furnace 20000W 36000W
Electric Kettle 1200W 1600W
Electric Mower 640W 1350W
Electric Razor 20W 40W
Electric Rice Cooker 1800W 2700W
Electric Skillet 1500W 2100W
Electric Stove 4800W 6000W
Exhaust Blower 150W 350W
Extractor Fan 12W 36W
Food Blender 600W 1200W
Food Dehydrator 800W 1100W
Freezer 500W 800W
Game Console 110W 400W
Gaming PC 700W 1300W
Garage Door 550W 800W
Garment Steamer 1600W 3000W
Guitar Amplifier 25W 40W
Hair Dryer 1300W 2400W
Heat Pump 4700W 6200W
Heated Bathroom Mirror 70W 90W
Hedge Trimmer 218W 485W
Home Theatre 315W 700W
Hot Water Dispenser 1200W 1700W
Ice Crusher 250W 400W
Ice Maker 100W 250W
Incandescent Bulb 60W 80W
Induction Cooker 2900W 3600W
Inflator Pump 50W 75W
Iron Box Press 1200W 1775W
Kitchen Chimney 250W 375W
Laptop 70W 90W
Lawnmower 1000W 1750W
LED Batten 20W 45W
LED Light Bulb 10W 19W
Microwave Oven 2500W 4100W
Mixer Grinder 750W 855W
Piano 14W 22W
Pizza Maker 1440W 1600W
Popcorn Maker 1500W 1800W
Pressure Washer 2000W 2350W
Printer 45W 90W
Refrigerator 190W 275W
Roti Maker 900W 1450W
Sandwich Grill 700W 950W
Satellite Dish 30W 45W
Sewing Machine 100W 155W
Shoe Polisher 95W 165W
Speaker 100W 120W
Steam Mop 1100W 1455W
Table Fan 75W 95W
Television (TV) 40W 65W
Treadmill 475W 620W
TV HD DVR Set-Top Box 32W 48W
Waffle Maker 1080W 1325W
Washing Machine 500W 825W
Water Cooler 100W 160W
Water Heater 4000W 6250W
Water Purifier 25W 48W
Wet Grinder 300W 525W
Wi-Fi Network Router 7W 12W
Wine Chiller 200W 325W
100W light bulb (Incandescent) 100W 100W
25" colour TV 150W 150W
3" belt sander 1000W 1000W
32 Inch LED TV 20W 60W
46 Inch LED TV 60W 70W
49 Inch LED TV 85W 85W
60W light bulb (Incandescent) 60W 60W
9" disc sander 1200W 1200W
American-style Fridge Freezer 40W 50W
Ceiling Fan 60W 70W
Clock radio 1W 2W
Clothes Dryer 1000W 4000W
Coffee Maker 800W 1400W
Computer Monitor 25W 30W
Cordless Drill Charger 70W 150W
Curling Iron 25W 35W
Desktop Computer 100W 450W
Dishwasher 1200W 1500W
Domestic Water Pump 200W 300W
DVD Player 26W 60W
Electric Blanket 200W 200W
Electric Heater Fan 2000W 3000W
Electric Kettle 1200W 3000W
Electric Mower 1500W 1500W
Electric Shaver 15W 20W
Electric Stove 800W 1000W
Espresso Coffee Machine 1300W 1500W
Extractor Fan 12W 12W
Food Blender 300W 400W
Food Dehydrator 800W 800W
Freezer 30W 50W
Fridge / Freezer 150W 400W
Fryer 1000W 1000W
Game Console 120W 200W
Gaming PC 300W 600W
Garage Door Opener 300W 400W
Guitar Amplifier 20W 30W
Hair Blow Dryer 1800W 2500W
Heated Bathroom Mirror 50W 100W
Home Air Conditioner 1000W 4000W
Home Internet Router 5W 15W
Home Phone 3W 5W
Home Sound System 95W 95W
Hot Water Dispenser 1200W 1300W
Hot Water Immersion Heater 3000W 3000W
Humidifier 35W 40W
Induction Hob (per hob) 1400W 1800W
Inkjet Printer 20W 30W
Inverter Air conditioner 1300W 1800W
Iron 1000W 1000W
Laptop Computer 50W 100W
Lawnmower 1000W 1400W
LED Light Bulb 7W 10W
Mi Box 5W 7W
Microwave 600W 1700W
Night Light 1W 1W
Oven 2150W 2150W
Paper Shredder 200W 220W
Pedestal Fan 50W 60W
Percolator 800W 1100W
Phone Charger 4W 7W
Power Shower 7500W 10500W
Pressure Cooker 700W 700W
Projector 220W 270W
Refrigerator 100W 200W
Rice Cooker 200W 500W
Scanner 10W 18W
Slow Cooker 160W 180W
Straightening Iron 75W 300W
Strimmer 300W 500W
Submersible Water Pump 360W 400W
Table Fan 10W 25W
Tablet Charger 10W 15W
Tablet Computer 5W 10W
Toaster 800W 1800W
Treadmill 280W 900W
Tube Light (1500mm) 22W 22W
TV (19" colour) 40W 100W
Vacuum Cleaner 200W 700W
Wall Fan 45W 60W
Washing Machine 500W 500W
Water Dispenser 100W 100W
Water Feature 35W 35W
Water Filter and Cooler 70W 100W
Wine cooler (18 bottles) 83W 83W