Power Consumption Of An Electric Broom

Enter the number of usage hours, power setting (in wattage) of An Electric Broom and click on calculate button to know power consumption. Also know running cost of per hour, day, week and for a year.

How Many Watts Does An Electric Broom Use?

Calculate electricity usage and power consumption of An Electric Broom. Also know how many watts does An Electric Broom use

An Electric Broom uses approximately 1200 watts, on an average, An Electric Broom is used approximately 1 hours a day. Click calculate to find the power consumption of An Electric Broom using 1200 Watts for 1 hours a day @ $0.12 per kWh.


*This calculation of the cost to run An Electric Broom is based on $0.12/kWh electricity cost and 1 hours daily usage. Actual energy consumption and cost may vary. For information and to compare models, visit https://www.eia.gov.

*The figures in this table are approximate. The actual power consumption of your household appliances may vary significantly from the figures in this chart. Before you do a final load or energy calculation for your household, we strongly recommend checking the tags and owners manuals for your appliances to get precise figures.

How To Estimate Power Consumption Of An Electric Broom?

If you wish to discover the actual power consumption of the An Electric Broom that you have obtained, you must first take a quick peek at the label located at the bottom or the back of your An Electric Broom.

The electrical ratings will usually be stamped on the label itself, in terms of either Watts (W) or Voltage (V) and Amperage (A).

You can then determine the heater wattage using a simple formula of:

Watts (W) = Volts (V) x Amps (A).

To calculate the consumption of an electrical appliance in kWh, you have to take into account two factors:

  1. The capacity of your electrical appliance expressed in watt.
  2. The number of hours that the appliance is in use in one day.

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